End of the World is more than just a unique crossover band from Tokyo, Japan. The group embodies a long journey between four childhood friends who have come a long way since frontman Fukase thought the world was ending for him. Following a prolonged battle with mental illness, Fukase healed by reconnecting with Nakajin (guitar, sound producer), Saori (piano, stage producer), and DJ LOVE; as friends, they began making music together.

Purely fueled by their love for music, the quartet started playing in a self-built venue in downtown Tokyo, that started small with less than ten people attending.

End of the World has seen a meteoric rise to the top within the Japanese music scene. The band have since packed out massive venues like the Nissan Stadium, selling out crowds of 140,000 people across two days.

In 2016, the band toured with UK-based electronic pop act Clean Bandit on their US tour. The band's style of music covers a wide range. Their sounds are characteristic of a chameleon -- changing from song to song in a blink of an eye -- crossing into electronic, classical, jazz, and pop rock.

Their debut single as End of the World, "One More Night" shows off their crossover potential, showcasing a sentimental yet uplifting sound.

Since their global debut in 2017 End of the World is ready to share second single "Stargazer," available in stores and all DSPs from February 2nd. This is a new start for End of the World, who are ready to take their music overseas after much success in Japan.

Responsible Agent James Whitting

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