Hailing from Bristol, UK, Alexander Joyce, aka Axel Boy, has spent the past five years of his career perfecting genre-bending as he dives into colorful and diverse bass lines portraying a vast range of talent and skill.

Between fusing genres and refusing to restrict his sound to one sonic or tempo, his unique style as led him taking over the bass-heavy Independent Record scene with releases on Buygore Records, Never Say Die, Elysian Records, SMOG, and MA Music.

Not only has he taken the bass-indie scene by the reins, but in a mere year, he's also made his mark on Spotify and other steaming platforms. Consistently reaching 400,000+ listeners per month with a multitude of his most popular tracks, all 1 million+ plays strong -- Axel's fan base is growing exponentially with no time of slowing down soon.

Responsible Agent Harris Lewis

Territories North & South America, Australia