Australian/US based independent recording artist AViVA launched back into the scene late last year with her debut single 'GRRRLS.' Since October the single has collectively garnered over 80 Million Streams online and is getting regular plays on Alt and commercial stations through the USA and Aus. From KROQ to idobi, AViVA's music has peaked the interest of tastemakers globally.

Her latest single 'DROWN' is a deeper exploration into the concept of isolation and the 'outsider experience.'

"The first line 'do any of these words make sense?' really sets my intention for the song. It's an exploration of the isolation we experience as we go through the 'steps of reason' trying to rationalise life and all the choices we make."

'DROWN' is AViVA's invitation to her audience to let go of their insecurities and embrace the unknown, her next step into the world of the Metropolis. AViVA intends to spend much of 2018 touring and writing more music as she continues to divide her time between LA and Sydney as she continues to connect with her audience and build a supportive and inclusive community around her music.

The team that worked on 'DROWN' includes MataisC, Ken Andrews (Paramore, Naked and Famous) and Matt Colton (Muse, Coldplay).

AViVA is creating her new image and developing the world for her new single GRRRLS on 13th October 2017. This is the first single to introduce us to her conceptual approach to music.

Australian independent recording artist AViVA is marking her re-entry into the scene with new single GRRRLS arriving on Friday the 13th of October 2017. This release marks AViVA's first release in 2 years and is a clean break away from the sound and image she had previously been creating. Within this musical shift some elements have remained the same- her distinctive vocals and the visceral and dynamic drums. This single produced by MataisC and Jean-Paul Fung (Silverchair, Last Dinosaurs) and mastered by Matt Colton (Muse, Coldplay). GRRRLS is a nod to Riot Grrrls everywhere.

Following the release of Crystaleyes in 2015, AViVA spent the next 24 months performing around Australia's East Coast and playing at summer festivals until she retreated to write new music. This time, spent between LA and Australia, Aviva experimented with new sounds and styles drawing inspiration from all forms of art to create the new unique sound and imagery, seen with the release of GRRRLS.

This new single develops in a deeper way AViVA's thematic interest in the dichotomy of control and although full of attitude, GRRRLS is actually a reflection on the journey to find your place in

the world. Her fearless approach to lyric writing and fusion of hip-hop, pop and rock elements makes AViVA's new sound a catchy and unique sonic pleasure.

AViVA wanted to create music that would connect with her audience in the same way she has always found music based on its ability to connect and feel. "So long as people find a connection, I will keep being cryptic. Sometimes not having all the facts helps people to find more meaning." Says AViVA, herself no stranger to the feelings of exclusion and disillusionment.

GRRRLS stands as an invitation to join in the deeper concept she is building. This song creates a bridge to the world inside AViVA's mind, transporting us into the dystopian city of Metropolis, a place which provided the strength and experience she needed to stop trying to fit in and try something radical to be herself. GRRRLS is a song for girls, boys, men and women everywhere and serves as a reminder to stand proud of who you are, forget what others think and fight for the right to be you.

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